Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down for the Count

Sunday, day minus one.
The effects of the chemotherapy and immune suppressant drugs are starting to take their toll. On Friday, I felt achy and flu like most of the day, but managed to get in some exercises and a "bike" ride. My daughter Kaitlyn and her friend Molly came by in the evening to watch a movie, have popcorn, and visit a bit, for a nice diversion.

Yesterday, I was very fatigued all day and just slept most of it away. My appetite has pretty much dwindled away as well, and further side effects are expected to progress for the rest of this coming week. This morning, I had the total body radiation scan to further reduce the immune system and get ready for tomorrow's transplant.

It is ironic to walk into the hospital relatively healthy, only to to be knocked flat on your back, barely wanting to move. But now, as one of the doctors said, we are done tearing you down, and are ready to build you back up. The transplant will be tomorrow evening, the 23rd.


Raymond said...

WOW. Its kinda cool that you have a bike in your room. Hang in for the early fatigue and systoms. Hope fully they will subside.

Thinking of you.


Raymond said...

We love Pete! I hope all is going well.