Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleeping and Waiting

My blood counts are way down as expected, and I'm sleeping a lot and fighting periodic low grade nausea. There's not much to do but to ride out this low point in the cycle. The staff here is great and I'm as comfortable as can be under the circumstances. The PT people are a bit relentless at making me get at least a bit of exercise most days. :)


Laura McMahon said...

Hey, Andy. Talked to Denise today and we are thinking of you with love and positive vibes. You can do this! When you feel like it, and you're bored as shit, i'd be glad to come on down and read the book of your choice to know, read out loud. If I don't like the book you choose, I'll bring my own! Ha! I'll be in touch thru lovely Denise. xoxo Laura

Judy Crane said...

Hi Andy--

Laurie Kania called me last Friday with the news you were going through another treatment. She just forwarded me your email so I could check out your fantastic blog. I know you'd rather be biking or paddling right now than having to sit in a hospital, but I hope the time will come soon enough that you will be able to get back to more joyful activities. I'll be thinking of you. I just reached my 3 year survival mark from breast cancer and am doing well. take care,
Judy Crane

Russ said...

Hi Andy:

March will be in like lamb and out like a lion for you.

Skiing has been very good up here but it won't last long.

Keep up the postings.


Nikki said...

Hi Andy :)

Keep sleeping and resting because before you know it they will be kicking you out of that hospital bed!

I will check back again soon.