Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Zero

February 23rd was transplant day, the moment to begin to rebuilt my immune system with the donor cells. My Brother Pete spent six hours hooked up to the machine that extracted the necessary blood components through a port in his neck. They managed to get more than enough in that first sitting, so he had done his part and was a very happy camper.

After several hours of processing, the cell mixture was brought up to my room in the evening for the infusion into my IV lines. The actual process took about 15 or 20 minutes, and Denise, Kaitlyn, and Pete had a toast of Catawba juice, while I fought off drowsiness from a preventative shot of antihistamine. Rather anticlimatic.

Now, I begin the waiting game and the time of greatest risk of infection. It will be a week or two before we see any measurable new blood cell growth, then a bit longer yet to see whose immune system is winning the battle. And it will be months before we know if this is going to attack my cancer.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Andy!
If you get this message it means I've managed my first Blog - and therefore miracles are possible! You are looking good - now the long wait begins. Let us know what we can do - can we bring you a DQ Blizzard? Just say the word - Deanna

Grimey said...

Congratulations on your new blood cells! I'm thinking of you often these days and wishing you a strong recovery.
Get back on that sweet hospital bike as soon as you can.
Pete Grimes

Nikki said...

hey Andy. Glad to hear things were rather anticlimactic yesterday considering what you were up to :)

Hopefully Kaitlyn has helped you figure out how to load that MP3 player with some music since now you need to relax and keep yourself as healthy as possible.

You, Denise and Kaitlyn continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

p.s. very cool that your brother was the donor - quite the gift!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

We've been looking at your blogs. They are very interesting. Hope you are doing okay. You have accomplished a lot in your lifetime and we know that there is more out there for you to take on. This might be a curve/bump, but don't let this slow you down!!!!

We love you. You, Denise and Kaitlyn are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Dennis, Sherri, Katy and Matthew and Wesley. : - )

Russ said...

Hi Andy:
Anxiously waiting your next posting.

As the others have said, you and yours have been on my mind alot.

I look forward to our next canoe trip


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
Gary and I are cheering you on. Your blog is great. Please know that we think about you even though we have not seen you for a while. I really appreciate being able to check your blog for updates. It helps not having to ask Denise all the time. I am sure she gets weary answering questions. Take care..Sheryl and Gary....

Dave said...

Hi Andy,
I just wanted to let you know i've been thinking about you - i'm cheering those blood cells on....looking forward to your updates.
Dave Larson

jerry said...

From one cancer survivor to another - LiveStrong!
Best wishes,
cancer survivor

Patty said...

Healing thoughts and prayers to you Andy! Read about you on Twitter. You are Amazing! As is your brother. Guess you don't wanna pound him any more, huh? LOL! Take care. visualize your body doing what it needs to do.

(19 yrs of surviving the Big C)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been feeling the greatest lately. My mood has been low. My husband forwarded me your blog after he was on the midwest mountainering website. We have seen you before at the expos and enjoy your travels. You positivity is contagious and helpful to me. I will be praying for you.