Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting My Exercise While Confined to the Room

There haven't yet been many side effects from the various drugs yet, so I focused on the exercises I can do in the room to help keep somewhat fit, to prevent bone density loss, and to keep from going stir crazy. Two PT staff persons helped me go through sets of upper and lower body exercises that can be adjusted as my blood platelet count drops during the therapy.

Then I spent 30 minutes on the exercise bike, and quickly discovered, as I always suspected, that stationary exercise is a lot more boring than doing it outside with the sights, the wind, and the weather. Even my push lawn mower and my arsenal of snow shovels are more fun than just doing weights. To help motivate, I bought an MP3 player before I came in, so now I will just have to learn how to load songs onto it.

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