Sunday, March 15, 2009

Days of Sleep and Popping Pills

I've had a bit more energy in the last few days, but every activity I do is still overshadowed by intense fatigue. The background nausea is more under control with a different medicine, so I can eat a bit more and stop the slow loss of weight. I'm taking about 46 pills a day of 16 different medications, with five more in reserve if various symptoms arise. It's almost a part-time job managing all this, especially since the doctors frequently tinker with the exact doses as the latest blood counts and blood chemistry numbers come in.

On a more positive note, Denise, Colonel, and I took a five block walk after the Saturday doctor said I could go outside as long as I wore the heavy duty N95 face mask and as long as I avoided crowds and groups of people I didn't know. Tiring, but it was great to get outside again and enjoy our springlike warm up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Pleased to report that on Scott lynch and Bruce March suggestion, we took up a collection for you at Canoecopia. 1300 collected from vendors, 1000 from rutabaga, and another 1000 from confluence. Looking forward to sending a check up.

Thinking of you,

Jeff and Rutabaga

Raymond said...

Go Andy GO! Great to see you outside again. It must feel marvelous.

Thinking of you. Hang in and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Your blog is amazing and so are you! Hang in there and keep taking such good care of your self. Thanks for inspiring us in all that you do.
All my best,
Kelly (Stone) Kraus