Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 28 - One Month Into It.

Day 28, a bit of a milestone since The BMT clinic is starting to test for possible results in this lengthy process with a bone scan, a CT scan, and a number of blood tests, I will find out at least some of the results at tomorrow's appointment.

Most of the past week I have been bogged down with a bit more nausea and fatigue, so I haven't been checking email as regularly as I would like. My intention is to answer everyone at some point, so be patient and I will get back to you or your group. I appreciate every one's comments and support. More tomorrow when I have some up to the minute results.


Anonymous said...

Though I have not written I have been checking your blog and thinking of you. You have been so strong and I am so proud to know you. We will continue to stay positive and believe you will have a good outcome. I also try to check in with Denise to see how she and Kaitlyn are doing.
Continue to take good care

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy - Best of luck to you during this adventure. Prayers andgood vibes from my family to yours. I'm looking forwardto hearing positive news. Take care.

Paul Gagner

Nikki said...

Hey Andy. Just got back from my dealer visits for Aquabound in California and Coastal OR. Great trip as my partner Mark joins me on this one and we took a bit of time to play in Death Valley. I have fallen in love with that place over the last two years. We hope to go back for a month in December to just chill out in the warmth and gorgeous landscape. Sounds like you are doing ok although the nausea must be tough. If you get a chance to email me your home address that would be really great. Thinking of you. Nikki

Raymond said...

headed to Jersey Paddler for paddlesport. I'll be thinking of you. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing about your scan results etc.

take care my friend,