Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three More Weeks In The Hospital and I Haven't Even Told You

I've been very sick as a result of the conflict of host vs. graft disease. The new system (my brother's cells) is fighting my system.
I've been back in the hospital for the last three weeks, but we're making progess now.

I'll try to update this a little more frequently. Your comments are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!

Good to see you are back at the computor. We all hope things get better now. We are gearing up for the expo and hectic as always.


I'll keep watching and hoping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
It is quiet around the office, except for those days both Will and Pete need to work.
The Mississippi barely crept over the sidewalk and only for two days. Still some ice on the steep N bluffs.
I will spread the good word you are still plugging along.
Keep it up. Mot

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, Glad to see you able to correspond! We sure miss you. I got to take Colonel for a walk Easter Sunday, or I should say he took me for a walk. He has a great nose for food! We went down to the creek immediately, then I got him to cross over and walk through Minnehaha Park, then we attempted to visit Tracy Fredin & family, but they we're probably with relatives. Finally when I told Colonel that we weren't going back down to the creek (where all the stale bread was out for the geese), he brought me down his best friends block. (Sam's block) It must've been 6:30 by then and I was talking to Steve & his daughter about you, Denise & Kaitlyn when I got hungary. They invited me in for some Easter leftovers and Colonel got to hang out with Sam in the back yard. Colonel and I both returned home in good shape. Here's hoping for continued strength for you and some gain on those T-cells. - Janet

Anonymous said...

Andy, Please excuse my spelling of hungry. I guess my fingers like typing the country. Janet

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy! Very glad to hear that you're once again on top! Keep all those folks at the hospital in line. We'll all be glad when you're back at your desk.. we miss your bike in the office!


Nancy Ford said...

Hey Andy,
Sending you lots of good thoughts and super positive energy!!!! And I KNOW there are tons more folks doing the same!

Get your strength back.

Nancy Ford

Lin said...


It's lonely in the office without you, especially at night, Mot and Mike go home early. I even miss smelling your delicious lunches.
You will be missed even more during the Expo.
Get back here soon.


zeekman75 said...

The other day I went for a walk with The Kernal (Andy's beautiful dog). I felt as though I was being taken on an adventure the whole time. Another words, The Kernal was my guide:). The way he investigated everything from the bark on a tree to the water in stream was genuine and with perfection. I could see the wisdom and appreciation for life and it's natural surroundings in his eyes. I could also see the sadness of not having his lifelong companion Andy next to him. Even so, The Kernal managed to enjoy every step of the walk as so did I.

It is amazing in life to experience and listen to people like Andy, his family and his dog. I remember watching Andy's slide show and listening to his voice with such enthusiasm and curiosity as everyone looked in Ahh! I spoke with him after the show and said "It is amazing what you've experienced in life!" His response was "It's a choice, anyone can do it if they choose to!" I thought to myself, "This is so true" None the less, Andy Knapp is an inspiring person to all, not only for his accomplishments but for his perceptions on experience......."Think about it and then do it". Nike....take notes because Andy Knapp owned the patent first!! "Just do it!!!"
Thank you Andy for being you as we all send our support and inspiration that you've given us with every step every day!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy!
It is good to hear from you again! I know you are as tough as nails, and your strength is an inspiration to all of us! Thanks for the stories and the know I am gonna do it! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

HI Andy,

My girlfriend Kristin (Wornson) just told me that you're in the hospital at present. I'm sending all the good energy I can muster in your direction...

thinking about you,
rich pagen

Mark said...

Hey Andy - I don't know you but I ran across your blog and your travels are inspiring. I wish you strength in your recovery. Yol Bolsun - May there be a road.

Anonymous said...

The Expo was not the same without you. Especialy the party. Hardly any epic adventure stories, and not a single referance to the Nixon administraion. You were missed!!
Have a nice day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy.

The expo is now past tense. Everything went amazingly smoothly except for your most favorite of subjects: CONSIGNMENTS. You can be glad you missed that part.

The expo missed you. No Andy shows at rapid pace to enthrall the masses. But they were here and they asked about you. Lot's of reps and customers asked. A lot of love out here is extended your way. I had a talk with Denise. She is a trooper.

I am glad so many of the other Midwest folks are helping out as they can. We do miss you.

Get well. Be back. We'll throw an even bigger party next time. You can tell Nixon stories all you want.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,

The Expo party scene definitely missed you and your great stories. I bet we went through less beer this year without you to help. Looking forward to partying with you again soon.