Friday, July 20, 2007

Valleyview, Alberta

Valleyview is the gateway to the Peace River agricultural region of northwestern Alberta. I am now north of 55 degrees latitude, and the sun is just setting at 10:15 pm. I have cycled 1553 miles so far, and tomorrow I should get beyond Grande Prairie, Alberta, on the approach to Dawson Creek, BC. Sometime Sunday, I should be starting up the Alaska Highway.

Today, I got a good test of riding in continuously hilly terrain, as the highway to Valleyview winds through some forested foothills after dropping down to cross the Athabasca River. Moose warning signs were periodic, but my main concern was the blast of wind from trucks as I coasted the downhills. Having wide paved shoulders on the main highways is great, but I have to be constantly watching for stray gravel, shredded tires, miscellaneous metal parts, roadkill, broken glass, and any number of other things people throw out.

I have a few aches and scrapes, and my knees usually ache for several hours in the evening, and I know they will this evening, after today's 134-mile effort.

Thanks to those who have sent emails; it's always good to hear from people. I hope you all are enjoying this blog format. It sure beats trying to write lots of postcards.

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