Friday, July 27, 2007

Contact Creek, Yukon Territory

I make it to Yukon, just crossed over and stopped at a small lodge that has an internet connection. I have biked 2283 miles so far, in 21 days, with about 40 more today if I make it to the town of Watson Lake.

The big hills of the Rocky Mountain section of the highway are every bit as steep as they were in the past, and have slowed me down a bit, using the granny gears on the 8 - 9 -10% grades, climbing along at 3-5 mph.

Great wildlife viewing the last few days- moose, deer, fox, woodland caribou, stone (dall) sheep, and this morning a herd of buffalo blocked the highway near Liard Hot springs for a while.

Still trying to get to Skagway, more later.

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