Monday, June 8, 2009

Recovering Slowly at Home

Day 105. The problem I had before the last six day stay at the hostital turned out to be too low a drop in blood pressure. I fell three times in three days and injured my back and shoulder, which is still pretty much black and blue, and back to the hospital it was for observation.

I am weaker now; the steroids I am still taking for DVH are extremely hard on the upper legs and arms. So it it hard to stand up, but I am getting along with my walker pretty well. The PT exercises are bginning to help, but it's going to be a long revovery.



Anonymous said...


You sir are so strong, I have been following your progress and hope that soon you will be well enough to have lunch sometime and talk about the old days.
Tony Newman

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy--


Good to hear that you are back home! As nice as the hospital staff are, it doesn't beat your own surroundings. I'm very hopeful for you as your body works on building itself back up. Take care,

Judy Crane

Anonymous said...


I'm following your recovery from my home on the south shore of Lake Superior. These Water Spirits know you Andy, and your SISU. They knew your soul when you paddled the Big Blue from Isle Royale to the Keweenaw. They respect your courage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, Thinking of you this morning. I miss you at work. I think of you words of encouragement about doing things now. Not doing anything big but have been out canoeing and heading up to a folk festival. Was South of Lake City this weekend, paddling some back water near Wabasha, quite fun especially around dusk, got to see a prothonotary warbler. I can't pronounce it, but I'd never seen it before and it was gorgeous. Praying for your strenght and grateful for your being. - Janet

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a great inspiration Andy!

You are in my thoughts.